Natural Flood Management

The award-winning natural flood management scheme is an innovative partnership project with the Cotswold Rivers Trust. In 2015 we rerouted the running spring to help reduce the likelihood of flooding along the Evenlode Valley and also create a new wetland habitat area for wildlife.  After heavy rainfall, a series of small leaky dams known as attenuation bunds, connected by short lengths of meandering channel, hold up the flow of water and allow it to be released in a controlled way. Once water over-tops the final dam it’s collected in a shallow scrape where excess will drain away into the subsoil. The peak flow of water reaching the river is therefore lowered during heavy rainfall, reducing the likelihood of flooding. The scheme also reduces the loss of nutrients from farmland into the River Evenlode. 


The final water holding area was planted with about half a hectare of trees to form an infiltration zone. As the tree roots develop over time they create preferential pathways for water soakage to help excess water infiltrate into the subsoil.