Paul 'Danny' Harris

Tree Specialist

Paul Harris, aka Danny, looks after the orchard and woodland at FarmED.


A farmer’s son, Danny grew up on a farm south of Oxford and has a degree in geology and an MA in Agricultural Management. But he soon began to specialise in trees.


He worked with Nicholson’s Nursery, one of the leading forestry businesses in the region, which has established a reputation for planting and establishing new woodlands, and was responsible for planting the shelter belts at FarmED. Danny also worked with the busy forestry team at Blenheim, who look after 2000 acres of mature woodland on the estate, recently discovered to be the oldest woodland in Europe at an estimated 900 years old.


What Danny finds most rewarding about his job though, is the process of planting and tending new trees and watching them grow and mature.


‘It’s wonderful to plant trees and then watch the whole landscape totally change over twenty years.’


This is exactly what he’s doing at FarmED, managing the new woodland planted with the help of the Wychwood Project, and the heritage orchard, which is a task he particularly enjoys.


Danny’s favourite trees are flowering trees, and at FarmED, it’s the crabapples that he especially loves.