The FarmED Bursary

Here at FarmED we aim to be inclusive. We want everyone, including the most disadvantaged in our community, to feel welcome and to engage with our programme of events, courses and learning activities. 

If funding is a real barrier to you, please get in touch. We have a small bursary pot which we can use to help fund or part fund core fees and other expenses for those that will benefit most. 


We have identified a non-exhaustive list of disadvantaged people we would like to help including:


  • Young people from a low-income family or not in education, employment or training (NEET)

  • Adults who are unemployed or are on a low income

  • Adults in full time education (particularly if you are originally from ACORN/POLAR postcode)

  • People from ethnic or racial minorities

  • People with disabilities (physical or mental) or living with chronic illness

  • LGBTQI+ people

  • Female farmers and growers

  • Potential new entrants to farming/growing (those seeking access to land)

  • Small scale farmers seeking agroecological transition

  • Farmers suffering from significant climate induced damage (flooding, drought etc)

  • Farmers from a Severely Disadvantaged Areas and High Nature Value areas

  • Individuals from a developing nations

  • Ex-military personnel and future service leavers


To apply for financial help please complete the form below and provide as much detail as possible. Return the form to


If you are struggling with the form you can also phone to us to discuss.  


We will consider each approach for financial help without prejudice.  Bursaries may be in the form of free or discounted places/tickets for an event or course, and/or a cash award to help with expenses (travel, accommodation etc). 


We do have a limited number of bursaries - you are advised to get in touch well in advance of the event or course you are considering.

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