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Our Mission & Values


The need to transform the farming and food sector is not in doubt. Here at FarmED, we believe that agriculture, our food chains and nutritional choices should be seen as part of the solution, not the problem.


Time is against us. We must move towards and beyond sustainability at pace – to an agroecological and  a regenerative system that rebuilds our soils, habitats, landscapes and local communities.  We should be bold and aim for more than net zero.


Within the UK we have an impressive and diverse mix of farming systems, big and small, managed by a passionate and influential community of regenerative farmers, landowners, growers and eco-entrepreneurs.  It is time to realise their role and potential.


Change needs consumer and market support – but we are confident that an exciting range of alternative food systems and business opportunities do exist.  Sadly, access to land and good food is not all open to all - to succeed we must reach out to everyone, connect rural to urban, and stimulate new ways of working.  Education and knowledge are at the heart of this.


There is much to do….and the journey begins beneath our feet.


Our Vision

To be a leading centre for farming and food education at the heart of local, regional and global agroecological transitions.

Our Mission

To provide learning spaces and events that inspire, educate and connect people to build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet.


Our Values

Our two core values run through everything we do. The ways in which we aspire to these values enable us to hold ourselves to account, and ensures we offer the best experiences for our visitors, staff, and partners.



Like a resilient ecosystem, we thrive on our relationships with a diversity of people, organisations, plants, animals, microbes and ideas. We aim to:


Be inclusive by providing opportunity for everyone to be included at FarmED by addressing physical and financial barriers to access.

Act as part of nature and as part of a wider movement to regenerate diverse soils, farms, communities, landscapes and food systems.

Integrate a diversity of opinions, ideas and practices that nourish people and the planet regardless of food and farming labels.

The strength of our relationships depends on our ability to build trust by acting with integrity. We aim to:


Act responsibly to leave things better than we found them, whether it’s the people we serve, the team we build, or the resources we use.

Be curious so we can learn and grow as individuals and as a team and to admit when we don’t know the answers.

Be courageous by dreaming big, acting differently, and engaging with challenging conversations.

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