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FarmED Safe Space Policy 


As the initial impact of Covid-19 eases and we begin to re-open our doors, we must look forward and start planning ahead.

Do contact us if you wish to discuss the possibility of an event  – we are open to ideas and can pencil dates in.


Be assured that as we start to open our doors again we are following the latest Government advice and social distancing guidelines.


The FarmED safe space policy states that:


  • Anyone feeling unwell will not be allowed on site. We ask you to please stay away if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.


  • Group numbers will be governed by Government advice and social distancing guidelines.


  • Events and gatherings will be staggered to allow for a minimum of 48 hours between each event.


  • The FarmED buildings will be fully cleaned between each event.


  • Each attendee will be guaranteed their own chair/desk space in the main FarmED Conference Barn.


  • Chairs and desks will be positioned at least 2m apart (or 1m following Government guidance) from each other to allow for social distancing.


  • Face coverings and hand sanitiser will be available on site.


  • Doors and windows will be opened when possible to allow for fresh air circulation.


  • Internal doors will be wedged open where appropriate to reduce the number of touch points.


  • Designated in and our doors will be used.


  • We will meet and talk outside whenever possible.


  • Food, if provided, will be served via a safe collect system (takeaway style, one-in-one-out), with separate entry and exit routes, and should be eaten at individual desks or outside when possible.


  • Booking is risk free - if we cannot deliver the event due to Covid-19 or you decide you can’t join us due to ill health or concerns - you will get your money back. No quibbles.

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