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Cotswold Seeds

Cotswold Seeds is an independent family-run company, based in Moreton-in-Marsh, that now works with over 15,000 farmers across the UK, supplying everything from green manures, cover crops and herbal leys to dual purpose long term leys and silage leys.

Cotswold Seeds was established forty five years ago by Robin Hill, who was joined by Ian Wilkinson, who became MD in 1998. Now led by Manager Paul Totterdell, the company has built a reputation for specialising in bespoke seed mixtures and practical, expert advice. Mixtures are designed to improve soil fertility, reducing the need for costly inputs and benefiting animal health, with mixtures specifically tailored to the requirements for each farm and field.

Experts from Cotswold Seeds are regularly approached by farmers and landowners to give advice, and invited to share their experience and in-depth knowledge  through talks and presentations to farming groups and organisations, from the National Trust to water authorities and environmental organisations.

Cotswold Seeds provides a bridge between farmers and the scientific community and is regularly involved in research and educational projects, partnering with universities and organisations. These have included SARIC (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Innovation Club) NIAB, University of Reading, Rothamsted Research, University of Birmingham and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

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