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Our Pricing and Support for Inclusivity, Diversity and Engagement

Here at FarmED we aim to be inclusive. We want everyone, including the most disadvantaged in our community, to feel welcome and to engage with our programme of events, courses and learning activities. 

Tiered Pricing

Delivery of our mission is a collective effort and our values embrace inclusivity and diversity. We don’t want price to be a barrier to anyone visiting FarmED or attending our events. 

To enable this we are offering three different ticket prices for the majority of our events:

  1. Supporter (higher price) - pay it forward and help us to support other people’s learning experiences.

  2. Standard (mid price) - our recommended price that covers our costs.

  3. Supported (lower price) - our solidarity price for those who will benefit most.

As a not-for-profit, community interest company, our course and event fees and the donations we receive enable us to continue supporting agroecological transitions. If you are able and willing to pay more than the standard ticket price your contribution will support other people’s learning experiences.

The course is the same, no matter how much you spend. We trust that people are honest and fair, and will offer what they are able to afford.

Partner Pricing

From time to time we can offer our key partners and groups that share our ethos discounted prices to support wider engagement and encourage impact on the ground. 

FarmED Bursary

If funding is a significant barrier to you, we can offer further help.

We have a small discretionary bursary pot, which we can use to help fund or part fund core fees and other expenses associated with event participation. 

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