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Carbon Farming - with Glyn Mitchell

Soil organic carbon levels across the UK have fallen from 30% in the 1770’s to approximately 3% today.

Without good levels of soil organic carbon, farmers depend on synthetic inputs, which track the price of oil, increasing year on year.

Purchasing carbon credits is one way for companies to address emissions they are unable to eliminate. Carbon credits are certificates representing qualities of carbon removed from the air. It is estimated annual global demand for carbon credits could reach up to 1.5 to 2.0 gigatons of carbon dioxide by 2030.

Depending on different price scenarios the market could be between £4.5 and £20 billion at the low end by then. Farmers developing the skills to farm carbon could be in for a windfall.

This FarmED Carbon Farming course is designed to help farmers realise the full ecological as well as economic benefits of carbon farming.

The Soil Carbon Code has been designed to measure, record and verify carbon as carbon credits issued by farmers to the offset markets, we will discuss the code and help see how it integrates with your farming systems.

Glyn Mitchell of The Carbon Farm

Glyn Mitchell is a Soil Food Web qualified microbiologist, composter, and soil steward. Glyn supports all growing systems to make soils naturally healthy and fertile and has extensive experience in supporting farmers deliver profitable/nutrient-dense produce. Glyn is author of The Soil Carbon Code, which is designed to reward holistic farmers who manage to increase levels of soil organic carbon by adopting effective soil regeneration strategies. Glyn has presented at Groundswell and regularly lectures on holistic farming and soil regeneration practices across the UK.

The Carbon Farm is a proud partner of 4 per 1000 and the Sustainable Soil Alliance

The FarmED Bursary

If funding is a barrier to you, we can help. We have a bursary pot which we can use to help fund or part fund course fees and other expenses for those that will benefit most.

Click here for more info:

Join FarmED and The Carbon Farm for a two day course exploring the economic and ecological benefits of carbon farming, on November 9th.


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