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Ellen MacArthur Foundation at FarmED

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation came to film an episode of their Circular Economy Show at FarmED, launching The Big Food Redesign project.

Imagine if you could walk into your grocery store and you only had good choices. All of the food that you found there was nature and climate positive. Food manufacturers and retailers have the power to make this happen by harnessing the potential of food design to rethink entire portfolios to be nature positive.In this special episode of the Circular Economy Show, we'll be cooking with regenerative ingredients, exploring the future of farming at FarmED and speaking with the key actors needed to make all of this happen.

Featuring in the episode:

Chantelle Nicholson, chef and restaurateur

Ian Wilkinson, FarmED

Merijn Dols, Danone

Ben Thomas, Waitrose

David Edwards, WWF UK

Scroll to 13 mins to the start of the show.


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