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FarmED Books

We’re building a library here at FarmED because books are a vital method of knowledge sharing, as well as being lovely objects to grace the beautiful spaces in our new centre. We’ll be celebrating books and their writers with our inaugural Regenerative Farm and Food Literature Festival here next summer, in partnership with Chelsea Green Publishers.

As our shelves fill up with books, old and new, we’re going to highlight one of them each Friday as a recommended read.

To get us going over the next fortnight, FarmED Founder, Ian Wilkinson, has chosen a book from last year (below), followed by a classic next Friday.

Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs and Healthy Food

Bob Quinn & Liz Carlizle (Island Press, 2019)

Bob Quinn is a US farmer who went against the grain by reinventing the role of ancient wheat, which he believes is regenerative, sustainable and creates rural employment and nutritious food. He produces Kamut, a brand that’s travelled the world and offers farmers a unique, fair, self-sufficient way to move away from commodity production.

Grain by Grain is a great read for eco-entrepreneurs and is very inspirational, showing an alternative way that’s proven very successful.

It’s available through, a new online retailer which supports independent bookshops.

FarmED Founder, Ian Wilkinson



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