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FarmED Books: The Bee Bible and the Hedgehog Handbook by Sally Coulthard

Recommended by FarmED Founder, Celene Wilkinson.

With spring upon us and the Easter holidays approaching, these two charming books by Sally Coulthard are perfect for adults and children to delve into and enjoy.

Both are written in a simple, entertaining, easy-to-read style and are illustrated with lovely black and white drawings throughout. They are full of very useful tips and information, with plenty of nice little projects that most people could choose from to help increase numbers of both bees and hedgehogs.

Shockingly, in July 2020 the iconic little hedgehog was placed on the Red List for British Mammals, classing it as vulnerable to extinction. Over the past fifty years the UK has lost more than half its solitary bee numbers and three species of bumblebee have become extinct.

Happily, there is so much individuals can do to help reverse these declines; Britain has over 500,000 hectares of gardens, so managing them for wildlife can create enormously positive impacts!

Sally Coulthard is a passionate advocate of rural living and regularly writes about nature and her experiences of smallholding deep in the North Yorkshire countryside.These books will hopefully inspire young and old to get involved in saving British wildlife and encourage everyone to have fun outside, enjoying the wonders of the natural world.


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