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FarmED Podcast Episode 7: Local Produce and Routes to Market

We’re joined by FarmED Founder, Ian Wilkinson; Ali Mirza from Cotswold Made Co; James Butterworth from the Cotswold Market Garden and Nick Pullen from Wild Thyme restaurant in Chipping Norton. Chaired by FarmED Manager, Jonty Brunyee, they talk 

about their personal stories of how the pandemic has impacted their businesses and the challenges and opportunities facing growers, restaurateurs and farm shops. The discussion ranges from food security and sourcing local food, to the importance of biodiversity and human diversity, and the issue of how to engage everyone from farmers, GPs, schoolteachers and supermarket shoppers. 

‘It’s about how to make good local food accessible to all, finding the gaps in the food chain and how to fill those gaps,’ says Jonty. 

The FarmED Podcast is available on all platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, YouTube etc.


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