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Flight Over the Bumblebee

The Flight of the Bumblebee’ is a famous piece of classical music, but here at FarmED it’s Chris Nash, our Assistant Manager and agritech expert, who took  flight over our beautiful bumblebee pebble mosaic, or rather his drone did! 

The mosaic was a gift to us from carpenter Paul Merrick, whose team have done all the carpentry on the new FarmED buildings. The mosaic was created by award-winning local artist Sue Rew. After a career in biotechnology, Sue decided to pursue her lifelong fascination with rocks and pebbles and uses stones and old handmade bricks dug up from her Cotswold garden, together with recycled local materials, to create designs that are both inspired by and sympathetic to their environment.

You can see from the film that the bumblebee mosaic has pride of place in the courtyard that separates the lecture space and FarmEAT building, which is very appropriate, since we’re passionate about pollinators at FarmED.

One of the first ever events we held at Honeydale Farm, back in August 2015, was a Pollinator Walk organised by The Wychwood Project, when we looked at the 

roles of pollinators, their habitats, why these have declined and how we can conserve them. 

‘Our vision has always been to be able to show people around a farm that can produce profitable results whilst being alive with the sounds of birds and bees and vibrant with a plethora of grasses, flowers and trees,’ says founder, Celene Wilkinson. 


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