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Fresh From the FarmED Kitchen

We've been busy preserving all our winter squashes to use throughout the year ahead. As well as soups, pizza bases and brownie bases, we've also fermented some to make a delicious sauerkraut.

This simple recipe contains just 5 ingredients:




Carroway seeds


It's been slowly fermenting at room temperature for the past two weeks, during which time all the beneficial bacteria have been breaking down the sugars and starches, making the vegetables more nutritious and meaning we can store it for a long time without it spoiling.

Fermented foods are fantastic for our guts as they are packed with prebiotic and probiotic organisms.

These improve immunity by protecting against pathogens, help us in digesting other foods like nuts grains and seeds, and facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body.

This batch is already starting to taste delicious and will only improve in flavour as time goes on...

We're dreaming ahead to summer days when we'll be serving this up alongside seasonal salads and as a perfect addition to some grassfed burgers on the BBQ, yum!


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