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George Monbiot Talks to Young Farmers and Environmentalists

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

When writer, broadcaster  and environmental campaigner George Monbiot returned to FarmED to continue his journey to learn more about sustainable food production, we took the opportunity to gather together some young farmers and environmentalists to ask him some probing questions and record a podcast.

Areas up for debate ranged from the need for criteria to define regenerative agriculture, plus processed foods, plant based diets and what George describes as ‘the fantastically complex’ debate about food production and the environment. He also discusses his views on how agritech can be used to scale up regenerative farming, CAP, ELMS, and how soil is ‘the basis of our entire lives’.  Encouragingly, George described how he’s ‘very interested in what’s happening here’ (at FarmED) and the ‘strong argument in favour of integrated regenerative rotational farming.’ 

‘It was wonderful to welcome George Monbiot to FarmED,’ says Manager, Jonty Brunyee. ‘Though his somewhat controversial view on alternative proteins, rewilding and land management, runs contrary to the work of many farmers, our mission is promote regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems, and in order to do that we need to provide a space for healthy debate, giving a platform for those of different views to meet and air their opinions and ideas. It certainly makes for stimulating discussion.’

The interviewees are Lucy, a biology student, Sophie, FarmED’s Event Coordinator, who studied Geography at Exeter Uni, Will, who is heading to Bristol University to study geography, Abbie, a young farmer and agricultural student, Chris who completed an MSc in Agricultural Technology and Innovation and Jack who, until recently, worked in natural food retailing in London.

 You can now listen to the podcast on all the usual channels.

You can also watch on the YouTube video below


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