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Holistic Management Training @FarmED 2021

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training in 2021.

This training is ideal for pioneering farmers, land managers and advisers with a passion for regenerative agriculture.

We are running the training over four three-day blocks in 2021. We will first introduce the fundamentals of holistic management before we explore the concepts of land planning and ecological monitoring, holistic planned grazing and financial planning.

  • Course 1: Holistic Management Fundamentals (19th – 21st July 2021)

  • Course 2: Holistic Ecological Monitoring and Land Planning (22nd - 24th September 2021)

  • Course 3: Holistic Planned Grazing (18th – 20th October 2021)

  • Course 4: Holistic Financial Planning (22nd – 24th November 2021)

In addition to the formal training, we will facilitate peer to peer learning and discussion. We will also hear from a number of guest speakers and farming practitioners, take a tour of the various enterprises at FarmED and visit local regenerative and agroecological farms that are adopting a holistic approach.

Participants will be fed from nutritious, seasonal, and locally produced food from the FarmED kitchen.

As an added bonus all participants will be given lifetime access to the Regrarians workplace platform on Facebook - a private online knowledge community led by internationally renowned educator and regenerative farmer Darren J. Doherty.

This training is accredited by the Savory Institute and is the gateway to becoming an accredited professional educator, adviser, monitor and verifier in Holistic Management.


The comprehensive 12-day training package is £1950 + VAT.

The fee will cover tuition, all course materials (manuals, forms, writing materials, and ecological monitoring kit) guest speakers, great food and visits to local farms.

Special offer - 10% discount for members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.


Holistic Management 2021 @FarmED INFO
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