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*Starting in April*: Friday Farm Walk & Picnic

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Come for a Friday Farm Walk at FarmED this spring, led by Founder, Ian Wilkinson, or one of the FarmED team and hear all about why we’ve opened the Centre for Food and Farm Education at this crucial time.

As the country opens up again, many of us are eager to leave our computer screens behind, get out in the fresh air - and look forward to a better future.

The first Friday Farm Walk and Picnic, on April 16th, is almost sold out.

Seventy per cent of the UK countryside is made up of farms, and the story of FarmED is all about showing how farmers and the farming system plays a vital role in increasing biodiversity and combating climate change, as well as providing us with healthier food options.

You’ll visit the flower rich meadows, heritage orchard, apiary, kitchen garden, natural flood management, woodland and other areas and hear about all that’s been going on at the farm.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and find out more about sustainable food and farming, from micro dairies to growing veg and heritage wheat for artisan bread making.

At the end of the walk there’ll be a delicious and nutritious picnic lunch freshly prepared in the FarmED kitchen.

Arrive 11am for a Farm walk 11.15 – 13.00 followed by a Picnic lunch 13.00.

We look forward to welcoming you to FarmED. Friday Farm Walks will run most Fridays. Please check dates and book tickets through the events calendar.

This is a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Evenlode Valley with your household bubble (until restrictions allow more!). Our aim is that you’ll leave having been inspired, informed, replenished, refreshed and full of hope.

Many people have already enjoyed farm walks here. Here’s some feed back from some of our visitors:

One of the most important new centres for people to meet and talk about a better tomorrow - Nigel Winser from Chadlington, Earth Watch and RGS.

It’s an amazing farm, Felicity Roos, National Trust

A real example of how the countryside can change for the better, Nigel Clennell, Wychwood Project

A real life-changing experience. A blueprint for the way farming and the environment can work and coexist, Robert Courtts, MP for Witney


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