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Podcast 9: Food Tourism 

Jonty, our General Manager, is joined by Claire Thayers from Happerley Transparent and Dr Richard Baines, Senior Lecturer at the RAU. 

What is food tourism and how can it aid the rural economy? What’s the best way to create enhanced experiences for locals and visitors? What are the opportunities and challenges facing rural entrepreneurs post Covid and Brexit?

Jonty, Richard and Claire discuss everything from how to create immersive local food and drink experiences with farm walks and food and drink tasting, to the importance of authenticity. The crucial link between food tourism and agritourism and the importance of collaboration between producers and tourism operators is also explored. 

Richard Baines talks about his work with Cotswold Taste, setting up the first agritourism trails in the Cotswolds with food hubs to sell local food. Jonty talks about the new FarmED Kitchen as a destination. There’s also plenty of advice for entrepreneurs looking to get involved with food tourism. 

Food tourism helps join the dots, adds value and local economic multipliers, and connects with consumers - it’s arguably the capstone of a regenerative farming and sustainable food system.


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