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Podcasting with George Monbiot

Writer, broadcaster  and environmental campaigner George Monbiot visited FarmED for the second time today, to catch up with all that’s been going on here and continue his journey to learn more about sustainable food production. 

Before his farm walk he kindly recorded a podcast with six young farmers and conservationists who put a range of questions to him. We covered a huge amount of ground, with a wide-ranging and fascinating debate which included the following issues:

  • What positive things we can take away and learn from the coronavirus pandemic?

  • What skills will be needed in the future if we are going to thrive and save the planet? 

  • Will agritech advances be able to drive sustainable and regenerative change though our current food system?

  • How can we move to a more sustainable plant based diet while keeping it local, fresh, nutritious and fair for producers. 

If you want to hear what George and the young interviewers have to say, you’ll be able to listen to the podcast next week on all the usual channels. 


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