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It is time to re-build and re-bound

The immediate impacts of Covid-19 are far reaching and profound.  One thing is clear. We need, more than ever, a farming and food system that is progressive, fair, resilient and regenerative. It is time to re-build and re-bound.

Here at FarmED, while our calendar of events is on hold we are working behind the scenes to develop a series of re-bound events that will help people though the crisis and to bounce back even stronger. Our FarmED programme will be launched in the summer with the first modules focusing on the underlying principles and practicalities of regenerative agriculture, personal and business resilience, health, eco-entrepreneurship, local food systems and marketing. 

This page focuses on looking forward and outward. There are many inspiring people doing amazing things on their farms and within their communities. Below, you will find links to positive bounce back stories, practical ideas, new opportunities and support networks from across the UK and further afield.  

Do you have a positive re-bound story to share? Please send us your videos, podcasts or written pieces and we will promote them here and via our social media channels.



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