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Regenerative Soil Health with Niels Corfield - FarmED Podcast, EP 14

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

FarmED has partnered with agroecological adviser and soil expert Niels Corfield for a series of regenerative soil health courses - for arable, livestock farmers and veg growers. Ahead of the courses, Niels spoke with Edd in the latest FarmED podcast about the importance of soil health.

“Mismanaged soil and ecosystems have created economic issues as a product of ecological decline, but the good news is that we have tangible tools to reverse this” - Niels Corfield

Niels and Edd discuss the seven principles of soil health, including aggregation or crumb structure, visual indications and ways to minimise chemical inputs to grow healthy plants which are less susceptible to pests. Niels shares a sneak preview of the soil health course planned at FarmED, in which participants will learn new ways of “reading your land and understanding what it’s telling you”. Edd and Niels also discuss agroforestry and Niels’ involvement in the Agroforestry Design Master Class at FarmED in September.

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