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Sustainable Food Events

One of our most popular food events this summer was the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Workshop, led by Sarah Wolferstan, an EVOO taster and Sicilian olive farmer and oil producer.

Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil is brimming with fresh, raw polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants and even anti-inflammatory molecules. Part of the Mediterranean diet, this traditional oil has been a dietary staple for some of the world’s healthiest populations. While enjoying a delicious 3-course dinner, guests learned how to pair olive oil with food, how to choose oils with the best health benefits, and how to make responsible and sustainable choices.

We have plenty more events relating to sustainable food systems and health. Next up is Doctor on the Farm: Gut Health on October 8th. During this experiential meal with Dr Sally Bell, you will learn more about the key foundations of good health - nutrition, movement, sleep, rest and connection. Booking now!


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