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Sustainable Food Production in Lebanon

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

At FarmED we’re delighted to welcome visitors with interesting stories about sustainable agriculture from around the world. Today, Builder Bill Nesbitt introduced Matt Saunders, who has been running his own bakery in Lebanon, working with local producers and trying to strengthen the market in locally produced, sustainable goods. Despite having one of the most fertile planes on the planet - the Bekaa Valley - Lebanon is dependent on external food supplies. As well as sourcing ingredients from local farmers, Matt set up a farmer’s market and became involved with the emerging sustainable agriculture movement in the country. This included working with a charity funded by the French government to save heritage strains of wheat from war torn Syria. 

Matt has been back in the UK for a year now, working at Mark’s Bakery in Bristol, and is planning to study for a masters degree in sustainable food production. He came to FarmED keen to learn more about sustainable food production in the UK. 

Matt was interested to see our pizza oven. 



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