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The FarmED Podcast

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We’ve launched a new FarmED podcast series, hosted by FarmED Manager Jonty Brunyee, and the first three are now available on all the usual channels, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts (iTunes). Just search for “The FarmED Podcast”

In Episode 1 Jonty talks to FarmED Founder, Ian Wilkinson, and Assistant Manager Chris Nash, about FarmED’s mission - ‘from soil health to gut health.’  Ian, Jonty and Chris talk about the ‘real thirst for information to help us understand what a new farming system looks like’, and about how regenerative agriculture and forestry have ‘all the answers’ when it comes to being carbon neutral.

In Episode 2 Jonty is joined by Emma from the Kitchen Garden People, who run the community supported agriculture scheme at FarmED. They talk about everything from ‘providing local people with local food at an affordable price’ as well as the benefits of growing food for nutritional benefits and taste rather than shelf life. Joint ventures between farmers and growers are discussed, as well as access to land and how to establish and run a farm-based CSA.

In Episode 3 Jonty and Ian’s guests are Matt and Rosie from Chelsea Green Publishers and writer Fiona Mountain. Matt and Rosie talk about ‘Farm to Table’ publishing and discuss with Fiona and Jonty how storytelling can help with climate change and ‘capturing the imagination of young farmers.’ They discuss favourite books including Gabe Brown’s ‘Dirt to Soil’, Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Landmarks,’ Isabella Tree’s ‘Wilding,’ Dan Barber’s ‘The Third Plate’, plus writers Michael Ableman, Adam Horowitz and Wendell Berry.

Episode 4, available from this Friday, will feature Ruth West and Francesca Price from the Oxford Real Farming Conference, who will be looking forward to the ORFC in the Field event at FarmED later this year and there’ll be lots of interesting and inspiring discussions and knowledge sharing over the coming weeks and months so do tune in and subscribe!

Thanks for listening.


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