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The Prince of Wales on sustainable farming for BBC Radio 4's Today Programme

When HRH the Prince of Wales spoke about sustainable farming in an essay for BBC Radio 4's Today Programme and referenced his recent visit to FarmED, as a demonstration in the way that farming can ‘play a big part in protecting the planet.’

The prince said:

‘I recently opened a new centre for farm and food education in the Cotswolds and as I walked the fields it became clear there are many farmers who have now identified how we can produce healthy food in a viable way. My host spoke of cattle on permanent pasture, natural flood management schemes and the importance of building soil fertility, not just for growing healthy food but because it captures carbon.And this is of vital importance. If we regenerate degraded soils around the world, we could capture as much as 70% of the worlds’ carbon emissions.So you see farming can play a big part in protecting the planet.’

Watch him delivering the full essay here:

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