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Our mission is to inspire, educate and connect, so we always welcome feedback from visitors who’ve come to FarmED to take part in our range of events and courses. Here are some of their comments.

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Virtual Farm Walk 

Nature's Timeline/StandUp4Nature

Now, isn’t this something else. If you believe British farmers aren’t doing enough fantastic things in standing up for nature, think again. Lasting just a few minutes more than an edition of BBC Eastenders or Coronation Street if that’s your fancy, please do listen in. Tune in to all of it or just subsections as provided by the YouTube segment options. FarmED are just magical; they’re inspirational educators and they deserve your fullest attention. Send them a like or a follow by clicking on the mention. Also do check out their website for regular updates.

Dawn Chorus

Ally Bailey 

Just a note to say how much we appreciated everything on Sunday. It was the most beautiful morning. Richard was fascinating and we loved hearing more about FarmED.  Breakfast was delicious and we could have stayed all day enjoying the view - except we did need to warm up!! Huge thanks to all involved. The project is very impressive!

Chilterns AONB Visit 

Harriet Bennett 

Agriculture/nature conservation specialist working for the Chilterns Conservation Board: I was lucky enough to be part of a Chilterns delegation which went to @RealFarmED today to learn more about regenerating soil and ‘enterprise stacking’. What a fabulous place, so full of positive energy and expertise.

Dawn Chorus

Polly from Jaffe & Neale Bookshop, Chipping Norton.

We had such a wonderful time coming out to FarmED on Sunday – it was a fantastic event and then to sit with our breakfast and watch the morning arrive in the valley was just great. Now we have been out to FarmED we will spread the word in the bookshop to all who will listen and get them to have a look at all the events that are going on 

Virtual Farm Walk 

Sarah Langford, Writer

If you don’t watch this and immediately feel full of hope, energy, inspiration, and excitement (and have a strong urge to live on Honeydale Farm) then I fear you may actually dead inside. Sorry about that

FarmED Friend

Nigel Winser, Royal Geographical Society & Earthwatch

One of the most important new centres for people to meet and talk about a better tomorrow -

Chilterns AONB Visit 

Nick Marriner, bird surveyor

Inspiring visit. Agroecology brought to life & given loads of ideas, even chance to scent test soil samples. It works too. Yellow wagtail, tree sparrow, linnet, Yellowhammer & hobby seen about the farm. Oh & an amazing orchard

Chilterns AONB Visit 

Kitty Cox, Oxfordshire resident/ charity worker

I have spent all weekend raving about FarmEDand thinking of all the people who would love the tour that I enjoyed so much on Friday.  Thank you for all your time and trouble.  Please also pass on my thanks to Alexis for the delicious picnic.  It was outstanding and beautiful

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