Welcome to FarmEAT

A lovely eating space at FarmED

Come and join us for delicious organic tea and shade-grown, organic Missing Bean coffee. Our homemade cakes and daily Oxfork Cinnamon Buns are all made with organic, grass-fed dairy (and our own milk when available) and our regenerative flour (grown here at FarmED).  We always try to have interesting vegan and gluten free options available too.


Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm 

Lunches served: Tuesday to Friday, Midday – 2pm - From Tuesday 25th January 2022

Our lunch menu is small and takes its inspiration from our vegetable harvest from our on site CSA, The Kitchen Garden People.  We enjoy championing what’s in our hyper-seasonal fresh larder; at some times of year it’s more abundant than others!


Everyday there’s Hodmedods British Baked Beans on toast (to which you can add organic cheddar or an egg if you’re in need of a bit more sustenance).  During Autumn and Winter there’ll always be soup and delicious Sourdough from local baker Rise and Flour (from just down the road in Milton).  We also try to have two additional options of hearty, delicious, interesting platefuls.


We’re always happy to try and adapt things to dietary requirements.  And are happy to swap any gluten-based elements out for Knife and Fork Bakery Sourdough.


If you’re interested in finding out more about FarmED, a visit to FarmEAT is a great start.  You can enjoy the beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces and all our staff are happy, keen and able to tell you more about the site and what’s coming up at Honeydale.

Telephone: 01993 402403

Regular Opening Hours 















We will open the cafe for the local community to meet, eat, drink and share our beautiful eco buildings and farm whenever we possibly can. However, as an education centre with a vital mission to help build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet, we hope you understand that our catering and front of house staff will sometimes be needed to provide meals and refreshments for our education programme and events. At such times they will be unable to run the cafe too. So each Monday morning we will post opening times on this page to enable you to plan ahead.

If you are interested in regenerative agriculture, farming with nature or enjoy great food and beautiful places to drink coffee, please drop by. We'd love to welcome you. You can wander round Honeydale Farm, if you've time, or just sit and take in the spectacular, tranquil views over the Evenlode Valley. 

We will be introducing a loyalty card for FarmED Cafe visitors, with unique rewards in the shape of free farm walks and discounts on some of our events. As a not-for-profit organisation, the money we raise from the FarmED Cafe is really important to help us on our journey. Just by enjoying yourself here, drinking coffee and eating cake, you are making a difference.